WildLife Mixes

wild life seed mix


WildLife mixes are for all kinds of wild animals, deer, elk, game birds, humming birds, honey bees, etc., including our farm animals.

See below to find the right mix for you.



For Horses see our Meadow Downs Mix.

For Cows, see our Sunmark Green Grass Ranch or Sucra Seed™ Cash Cow™ Mix.

Check out our NEW for Fall 2016 Mix, Sunmark Green Grass Ranch good as a Multipurpose Pasture Mix!


FootHills  –  Favorite for Deer and Elk and all free range pasture areas.

Meadow  –  Grasses and Flowers for Livestock and Wildlife.

Rangeland  –  For Deer, Elk and Upland Birds.

Sucra Seed™ Sweet Spot  –  Deer, Elk, Antelope

Upland Cover Mix  –  Upland Birds

Upland Food Plot  –  Upland Game Birds

Wapiti Pasture  –  Deer, Elk and other free range pasture grazers.

Wetland Cover  –  Waterfowl & Game Birds.

Wetland Food Plot  –  Deer, Elk and Antelope.


Bee Feed  –  Bees

Honey Bee  –  Honey Bees

Western Pollinator  –  both Birds & Bees

Bird & Butterfly  –  Songbirds, hummingbirds and butterflies.