Native Individual Seed

Sunmark has been working with growers, collectors and farmers for over 30 years. The seeds we provide come from many different sources, from a farmer who we contract with to grow high quality natives, to hand collectors that provide hard to find species. 

Bold Text species are Native to the Willamette Valley

                                  Italic text species are non-native to the Willamette Valley

Botanical Name

Common Name

Achnatherum hymenoides  Indian Ricegrass Dry Moist
Achnatherum lemmonii  Needlegrass, Lemmon’s Dry Moist
Achnatherum nelsonii  Needlegrass, Columbia Dry Moist
Achnatherum speciosum  Needlegrass, Desert Dry Dry
Beckmannia syzigachne  American Sloughgrass Moist Wet
Bouteloua gracilis Grama, Blue Dry Moist
Bromus carinatus  Brome, California Dry Moist
Bromus marginatus  Brome, Mountain Moist Moist
Bromus sitchensis  Brome, Alaska (Sitka) Dry Moist
Bromus vulgaris  Brome, Columbia Moist Wet
Buchloe dactyloides  Buffalograss Dry Moist
Calamagrostis canadensis  Bluejoint Moist Wet
Calamagrostis rubescens  Pinegrass Moist Moist
Carex aperta  Sedge, Columbia Moist Wet
Carex aquatilis  Sedge, Water Wet Wet
Carex athrostachya Sedge, Slenderbeak Moist Wet
Carex comosa  Sedge, Longhair  Wet Wet
Carex cusickii  Sedge, Cusick’s Wet Wet
Carex densa  Sedge, Dense Wet Wet
Carex deweyana  Sedge, Dewey Wet Wet
Carex grayi  Sedge, Gray’s Moist Wet
Carex lyngbyei  Sedge, Lyngbye’s Wet Wet
Carex microptera  Sedge, Smallwing Moist Wet
Carex nebrascensis  Sedge, Nebraska Moist Wet
Carex obnupta  Sedge, Slough Wet Wet
Carex pachystachya  Sedge, Chamisso  Moist Moist
Carex rostrata  Sedge, Beaked Wet Wet
Carex scoparia  Sedge, Broom Moist Wet
Carex simulata  Sedge, Short Beaked Wet Wet
Carex stipata  Sedge, Awlfruit Moist Wet
Carex stricta  Sedge, Upright  Wet Wet
Carex tumulicola  Sedge, Foothill Dry Moist
Carex unilateralis  Sedge, Lateral (One-Sided) Moist Wet
Carex vesicaria  Sedge, Blister Wet Wet
Carex vulpinoidea  Sedge, Fox Wet Wet
Danthonia californica  Oatgrass, California Dry Moist
Deschampsia cespitosa  Hairgrass, Tufted Moist Wet
Deschampsia elongata  Hairgrass, Slender Moist Wet
Distichlis spicata  Saltgrass Dry Dry
Eleocharis ovata  Spikerush, Ovate Wet Wet
Eleocharis palustris  Spikerush, Creeping Wet Wet
Elymus canadensis  Wildrye, Canada Moist Moist
Elymus elymoides  Squirreltail Dry Moist
Elymus glaucus  Wildrye, Blue Dry Moist
Elymus lanceolatus  Wheatgrass, Streambank Moist Wet
Elymus lanceolatus psammophilus  Wheatgrass,  Sodar Moist Wet
Elymus trachycaulus  Wheatgrass, Slender Dry Moist
Elymus wawawaiensis  Wheatgrass, Snake River Dry Moist
Festuca californica  Fescue, California Dry Dry
Festuca campestris  Fescue, Rough Dry Dry
Festuca idahoensis  Fescue, Idaho Dry Moist
Festuca roemeri  Fescue, Roemer’s Dry Moist
Festuca occidentalis  Fescue, Western Dry Moist
Glyceria elata  Mannagrass, Tall Dry Dry
Glyceria grandis  Mannagrass, American Wet Wet
Glyceria occidentalis  Mannagrass, Western Wet Wet
Glyceria striata  Mannagrass, Fowl Moist Wet
Hesperostipa comata  Needle and Thread Dry Moist
Hordeum brachyantherum  Barley, Meadow Moist Wet
Juncus bolanderi  Rush, Bolander’s Wet Wet
Juncus effusus  Rush, Common (Soft) Moist Wet
Juncus ensifolius  Rush, Swordleaf Wet Wet
Juncus gerardii  Rush, Saltmeadow  Moist Wet
Juncus patens  Rush, Spreading Moist Wet
Juncus tenuis  Rush, Slender Moist Moist
Koeleria macrantha  Prairie Junegrass Moist Wet
Leersia oryzoides  Rice Cutgrass Moist Moist
Poa secunda (P. scabrella) Bluegrass, Pine Dry Dry
Schoenoplectus acutus Bulrush, Hardstem Wet Wet
Schoenoplectus pungens Bulrush, American Wet Wet
Schoenoplectus tabernaemontani  Bulrush, Softstem Wet Wet
Scirpus cyperinus Wooly Sedge Wet Wet
Scirpus microcarpus  Bulrush, Panicled (Small Fruited) Wet Wet
Typha latifolia  Broadleaf Cattail Wet Wet