Lawn Bloomers

Lawn Bloomers Mix - Sunmark Seeds - Portland, OR

Lawn Bloomers mixture is an excellent alternative to turf, and is an erosion control product as well.  Lawn Bloomers consists of Celebration Perennial Ryegrass, Hard Fescue, Covar Sheep Fescue, Strawberry Clover, Royal Carpet, Dutch White Clover, Baby Blue Eyes, Dwarf California Poppy, Dwarf Catchfly and Dwarf English Daisy.  This mixture is a rainbow of color with a quick establishing, low maintenance turfgrass.  Lawn Bloomers is a supreme mix for low mow and no mow areas where little or no maintenance is required.  Lawn Bloomers has low fertilizer requirements and excellent drought resistance.

Price: $17.00 per bulk lb.
Seed Rate: 1 lb. per 1000 sq. ft

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