Legumes Individual Seeds

Sunmark Legume Seed badge logoSunmark Seeds has an extensive list of legumes and clovers for many applications or additions to seed mixes. Legumes are used for a host of situations, like forage production, nitrogen fixation, and erosion control.

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All species names align with the USDA PLANTS Database.

Parentheses indicate former or alternate names.

Botanical Name

Common Name

Astragalus canadensis Milkvetch, Canadian
Astragalus cicer Milkvetch, Chickpea
Chamaecrista fasciculata Pea, Partridge Dry Moist
Cichorium intybus Chicory Dry Dry
Coronilla varia Crownvetch Moist Moist
Lathyrus latifolius Pea, Perennial Moist Moist
Lathyrus littorarlis Pea, Silky Beach Dry Moist
Lathyrus tuberosus Sweetpea, Tuberous Moist Wet
Lotus corniculatus Trefoil, Bird’s-Foot Dry Moist
Lotus micranthus Deervetch, Desert (Small-Flowered) Dry Moist
Lotus pedunculatus Trefoil, Big Dry Moist
Lotus pinnatus Trefoil, Meadow Moist Moist
Lotus unifoliolatus (L. purshianus) Trefoil, American Bird’s-Foot Moist Moist
Lotus scoparius Common Deerweed Dry Dry
Medicago sativa Alfalfa Dry Moist
Melilotus officinalis Sweetclover Dry Dry
Onobrychis viciifolia Sainfoin Dry Dry
Pisum sativum (P.s. arvense) Pea, Garden (Austrian Winter Peas) Dry Moist
Sanguisorba minor Small Burnet Dry Dry
Trifolium campestre (T. procumbens) Clover, Field (Hop) Dry Moist
Trifolium ciliolatum Clover, Foothill Moist Moist
Trifolium dubium Clover, Suckling (Shamrock) Moist Moist
Trifolium fragiferum Clover, Strawberry Moist Moist
Trifolium gemellum Clover, Spanish
Trifolium gracilentum Clover, Pinpoint (Slender) Dry Moist
Trifolium howellii Clover, Canyon (Bigleaf) Moist Wet
Trifolium hybridum Clover, Alsike – 50# min. Moist Moist
Trifolium incarnatum Clover, Crimson – 50# min. Moist Wet
Trifolium nanum Clover, Dwarf – pkt, 100 seeds Dry Moist
Trifolium obtusiflorum Clover, Clammy (Creek) Moist Wet
Trifolium parryi Clover, Parry’s Dry Moist
Trifolium plumosum Clover, Plumed Moist Moist
Trifolium pratense Clover, Red Moist Moist
Trifolium repens Clover, White (Dutch) Moist Moist
Trifolium repens latum Clover, Ladino (Large White) Moist Moist
Trifolium repens “kopu II” Clover, White, Kopu II – certified Moist Moist
Trifolium repens “grassland huia” (“new zealand”) Clover, White, Intermediate Moist Moist
Trifolium repens “new york” Clover, White, Small
Trifolium subterraneum Clover, Subterranean Moist Moist
Trifolium willdenovii Clover, Tomcat Moist Wet
Trifolium wormskioldii Clover, Cow’s (Springbank) Moist Wet
Vicia americana Vetch, American Dry Dry
Vicia nigricans gigantea Vetch, Giant Moist Wet
Vicia sativa Vetch, Garden (Common) – 50# min. Dry Wet
Vicia villosa Vetch, Winter (Hairy) – 10# min. Dry Moist
Vigna unguiculata Cowpea Dry Wet