Turf Seed

Sunmark Turf Seed badge logoSunmark provides turf seeds for athletic fields, golf courses, commercial landscaping, parks, roadsides, and fine residential lawns. Our mixtures use the newest varieties available and continually push the envelope of supreme performance and beauty. Sunmark’s association with the leaders in commercial and university seed breeding provides new species that are constantly evaluated in the field and with the National Turfgrass Evaluation Program.  Sunmark’s Celebration (3-way perennial ryegrass blend) has set new standards with a darker green color and the latest improvements in perennial ryegrass.  DOT Multipurpose and Northwest Supreme Lawn Mix are our supreme low maintenance mixes and our Sun and Shadow mixes are outstanding turf performers in their respected areas. Please contact us for information on the best use of each of our premium turf seed mixtures.


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