Miscellaneous Individual Seeds

Sunmark Miscellaneous Seed badge logoSunmark Seeds offers many different individual seed species along with an extensive list of cultivars and improved varieties. Generally these individual seed species are sold in 50 pound bags. All our seeds are of the highest quality and perform better than the generic brands.

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All species names align with the USDA PLANTS Database.

Parentheses indicate former or alternate names.

Botanical Name

Common Name

Agrostis stolonifera VNS Bentgrass, Creeping
Agrostis capillaris (A. tenuis) var. highland Bentgrass, Highland Colonial
Avena sativa VNS Common Oat
Brassica juncea Brown (Indian) Mustard
Brassica napus VNS Rape Seed
Brassica oleracea var. acephala Cabbage / Kale
Bromus hordeaceus VNS Brome, Soft (Blando)
Bromus inermis VNS Brome, Smooth
Bromus kalmii Brome, Arctic (Prairie)
Dactylis glomerata VNS Orchardgrass
Echinochloa crus-galli Barnyard Grass
Echinochloa esculenta Japanese Millet
Fagopyrum esculentum VNS Buckwheat
Festuca brevipila VNS Fescue, Hard
Festuca ovina VNS Fescue, Sheep
Festuca ovina var. azay blue Fescue, Sheep, Azay Blue
Festuca ovina var. covar Fescue, Sheep, Covar – certified
Festuca rubra VNS Fescue, Creeping Red
Festuca rubra ssp. Fallax VNS Fescue, Chewings
Hordeum vulgare VNS Barley, Common
Hordeum vulgare var. poco Barley, Poco
Lolium perenne VNS Ryegrass, Perennial
Lolium perenne, tetraploid Ryegrass, Perennial, Tetraploid
Lolium perenne multiflorium VNS Ryegrass, Italian (Annual)
Lolium perenne multiflorium, tetraploid Ryegrass, Italian (Annual), Tetraploid
Panicum miliaceum VNS Millet, Proso
Phleum pratense VNS Timothy
Poa pratensis VNS Bluegrass, Kentucky
Poa trivialis Bluegrass, Rough (Starlite)
Schedonorus arundinacea (Festuca a.) VNS Fescue, Tall, Turf Type
Schedonorus arundinacea (Festuca a.) var. fawn Fescue, Tall, Fawn
Secale cereale VNS Cereal Rye
Sorghum bicolor VNS Sorghum
Sorghum bicolor ssp. drummondii Sudangrass
Sorghum bicolor (S. vulgare) X sudanese Sorghum-Sudangrass Hybrid
Triticum aestivum VNS Common (Winter) Wheat
Triticum aestivum X Elytrigia elongata Regreen
Triticum aestivum X Secale cereale Quickguard
Urochloa ramosa VNS Millet, Browntop
Zea mays dwarf Dwarf Corn
Zizania aquatica VNS Annual Wild Rice