Fall Erosion Control Mixes

Well it’s Fall and you are looking for the best Erosion Control Seed Mix!

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Look no farther.  Below are our top sellers that should meet your needs.


ecolawn grass and flower-05  low grow-03  drought tolerant-01  low maintenance-02

Native EC Mix

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 drought tolerant-01  low maintenance-02


Sunmark Native Seed badge  ecolawn grass and flower-05  low maintenance-02  Native Salt Tolerant Mix

Stabilizer E/C Mix

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Supreme Plus

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Turf Worx

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poco barleyFor Late Fall, Early Winter, you might want to try Poco Barley.   This is a short season, spring planted barley.  It grows an average of 12” to 15” tall.  It works well planted around ponds or can be planted in dry ponds and then flooded.  Because it is so short, when planted around your ponds, the ducks will feed in it dry as they can see over it while feeding.

Plant 200 lbs./acre.