Short Grass Prairie Mix

Short Grass Prairie Wildlfower Mix - Sunmark Seeds - Portland, ORThe short-grass prairie extends east from the Rocky Mountains and south from Montana through the Nebraska panhandle and southeastern Wyoming into the high plains of Oklahoma, New Mexico, and Texas. The short-grass prairie landscape was one of relatively treeless stream bottoms and uplands dominated by blue grama and buffalo grass, two warm-season grasses that flourish in this region. In the mid-1800’s the numbers of individuals of native mammal species–bison, prairie dogs, pronghorn, elk, grizzly bears, and gray wolves–rivaled or exceeded those now in the African Serengeti. This mix of short prairie flowers and grasses is ideal for re-creating a low-growing prairie. Best for moderate to drier sites. Plant in late spring or early summer. High ratio of wildflower to grass seed for a brilliant display of color.

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Planting Rate/acre 10-15 Ibs.
Planting Rate for 1/2 acre or less 4 oz/1000 sq.ft.

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